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The Real O'Neals
Role: Martin
Type: Sitcom
Network: ABC
Release: 2016

The Middle
Type: Sitcom
Network: ABC
Release: May 11 2016


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Site Name: Ethan Lee Online
Webmiss: Susan
Online Since: May 31 2011


Ethan Lee Online is the official website for actor Ethan Lee. All images, graphics and other media are copyright to their respective owners. This site is not to be reproduced in any way.
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About the Site

Ethan Lee Online was created for and about child actor Ethan Josh Lee in the Spring of 2011. It opened its doors after nearly two months of preparation on May 31, 2011.

About the Webmiss

Susan is a 23 year old Arkansas native and college graduate. She majored in Radio/TV with hopes of someday being a producer, much like her aunt's brother. She also holds a minor in CIT. Susan runs many other websites including Alina Online. She looks forward to new challenges and adventures. Her main occupation, currently, is with a local newspaper.